Strong Security

Highly secure and offers SSL & role-based access rights

FMS is highly secure and offers SSL, role-based access rights and password policies.

Role Based Security

  • Roles
  • FMS provides fine-grained access control to various features. You can define the access rights for each role. You can create unlimited roles like employee, team lead, supervisor, manager or administrators.

  • Users
  • FMS is used by employees, managers, and administrative users. Apart from employees, you can create users (who need not be employees) and grant them different access rights as per their roles. Note: Facility to create users is available only for enterprise plans.

  • Password Policy
  • Good security is highly critical for Internet facing applications. Because the system is used by all employees and not just a few users, enforcing strong password policies is a must. FMS offers safeguards like:

    • Length of password
    • Password complexity: lower case, upper case, special characters, numbers
    • Aging and expiry of passwords
    • Password memory: don't allow passwords to repeat
    • Account lockout in case of 'n' wrong attempts
    • Forced password change in case of system generated passwords
    • Forced password change in case of impending password expiry
    • and so on...

System Security

FMS provide out the box security features so that the organization enjoys extra liberty for being on the secure system, such as:

  • Login allowed from specified external IP Addresses (optional)
  • Tunnel feature; where the user is allowed to access the system through a dedicated private network only.(Optional)