Excel Import & Export

Extensive data import export facilities

All data can be imported using Excel spreadsheets. Export information to Excel, PDF or Word.

Excel, CSV Data Import Export

FMS provides you extensive data import export facilities. Each and every data item within the application can be updated using an Excel file. These Excel import tools are easy to use and are a great time saver for big data updates.

Some of the import tools are:

  • Employee data importer
  • Leaves importer, where you can import the leaves from your existing LMS if any. FMS being a flexible platform can be incorporated with existing ERPís effectively and easily.

Excel and PDF Data Export

FMS works on the principle that an application cannot be an island and need to work in a framework of a network of applications. This philosophy extends to all parts of the applications. We have built extensive options to generate the information from this application in formats that can be used by other applications.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Extensive Excel CSV export capabilities - All reports and all pieces of data of the application can be exported into either an Excel of a PDF file
  • All employees required reports are available on the employee portal