Salary & Payroll Processing

Fast and accurate payroll processing

FMS simplifies your payroll management work to cut down effort from days to just minutes. There are a vast number of features to ensure all your requirements are met exactly the way you want it. Even better, just tell us what you need and our experts will setup the application for you. Of course, you always have to option to tweak and modify the settings on your own.

Configurable Salary Heads

  • Create unlimited number of salary components
  • Define attributes for each components like carry forward to next month, show in payslip, taxable, tax category, etc.
  • Various components can be setup that are relevant for your business but that need not appear in payslips.
  • The values for the salary components can be:
    • Manually entered by you
    • Computed using a formula
    • Slab based lookups
    • Complex computation through a Payroll Agent (e.g. income tax, loan deductions, TDS, reimbursements, FBP, etc.)