Employee Self Service

Empower Employees and Managers

The Employee Self Service module is a powerful tool to eliminate 90% of your phone or email transactions as far as employee payroll is concerned.

Key Benefits

  • Instant, online access to information (payslips, reimbursements, tax information, etc.)
  • Faster response & turn-around time.
  • Automatic email alerts to employees, managers or administrators on application, status updates, etc.
  • Asynchronous communication eliminates waste of time due to "Phone Tag"
  • Big reduction in transaction costs.
  • Major time savings lets you focus on strategic work.
  • Better communication, less stress & higher employee morale.

Key Features

  • Payslips
    • Enable employees to view their Payslips
    • Payslips of any month can be viewed
  • Reports
    • Employees can view the complete year's Earnings and Deductions
    • View current and previous year's information
    • Profile options enables all payout of Reimbursement components
    • Publish complete CTC workings, payslip and non-payslip payouts
  • YTD Summary
  • Loan Statements
  • Reimbursement Statement
    • Employee can view information on all Reimbursements in his Salary like Medical, LTA, Petrol, etc.
    • Information displayed includes Entitlement, Claims done and Balance for each item
    • Provision to display Entitlement for the full year and Entitlement till date
  • PF STatement
  • IT Statement
  • Team Info
  • IT Declaration
  • This module enables employees to update their rent and savings declarations online

    • Configuration options are available to define various sections and maximum limits under each
    • Employees can update their declarations multiple times in a year, thus providing them the flexibility to plan their savings according to their earnings
    • Declarations can also be taken for Loss on House Property and Previous employment also
    • Declarations can be tied to mandatory PAN number thus ensuring that all employees provide their PAN numbers and annual reports can be filed
    • Declarations can be directly downloaded into the Payroll. With this, manual data entry work can be totally eliminated
    • All previous declarations made are stored and can be viewed by the employee
  • IT Calculator
  • This feature enables employees to do a what-if analysis of their income tax by varying various elements. This reduces employees queries to payroll administrators to a very large extent.

    • Employees can change their Rent Declarations and Savings Declarations and find put how the Income Tax will vary
    • Provisions provided to specify additional income also. This will provide employees an option to figure out how Income Tax will vary when they receive Performance Incentives or when they avail Leave Encashment.
    • Refresh feature enables employees to start-off afresh with the latest payroll data.
  • Reimbursement Claims
  • Ticketing
  • This feature enables employees to log any issues on salary, tax, payouts online. Payroll administrators can review the issues and post resolutions online. Salient features are:

    • Enable employees to post issues on various items
    • Administrators have a single screen where all issues from all employees are listed and can provide resolutions. No searching emails, no problems about missing complaints
    • Employee and administrators can discuss on the same issue and all conversations and discussions can be tracked
  • Leave Workflows