Leave Management

Automate & streamline attendance

FMS offers extensive leave management software module to handle all aspects of leave management. FMS lets you define any number of leave rules ranging from how and when to grant leave, availing of leaves, yearend processing and much more.

FMS cuts down your work by:

  • Automatically grant various types of leaves
  • Automatically enforces the leave policy of your organization
  • Automatically updating leave balances and leave cards
  • Performing yearend activities like lapsing, carry forward, etc.

Leave policy setup

  • Configure various Leave Types - PL, CL, SL, Maternity Leave, etc.
  • Define different set of rules for different types of employees - Trainees, Probationers, Confirmed
  • Extensive handling of common business rules - clubbing, covering, based on years in service, based on location, etc.
  • Handling of unique / specific business rules - CL applicable only if PL is zero, credit only once during tenure of employee, etc.