End of Period
Employee Self Service
Empower employees and managers with access to own information and various online workflows.
Payroll Management
Payroll in minutes, not days. Packed with features and dozens of useful reports at the click of a button!
TDS Detail & End of Period
Statutory Deductions & Pay Period Control
Provident Fund (PF) | ESI | Profession Tax (PT) | Income Tax (TDS)
Salary Slips
Leave & Payslips
Manage employee leave balances, leave grants & year end processing. Integrated with payroll for work days computation
Configuration Dashboard
Management & Employee Configuration Dashboard
Easy, Fast and effective configuration module, to implement customized organizational rules.
Features Benefits
Salary & Payroll Processing
Fast & accurate payroll processing; handles all aspects of payroll management including payslips, OT, LOP / LWP & more.
100% Statutory Compliance
You need not worry about wrong payroll deduction of PF, ESI, income tax, etc. Avoid paying hefty fines and back billing.
Get professional statutory payroll reports for PF, ESI, profession tax, income tax, etc. Form 5, Form 10, Form 16.
Its all hosted
No software to buy, no installation required. You don't need to buy servers or have trained IT manpower. You also get automatic updates and bug fixes.
Leave Management
Manage employee leave balances, leave grants & year end processing. Integrated with payroll for work days computation.
Data Safety
An automatic daily backup is an added advantage. Small businesses can have a relaxed approach on their salary data backup and disaster recovery procedures.
Employee Self Service
Employees can view their own information. Enable workflows like leave application, reimbursement claims and much more.
Process Maturity
Using a salary software helps standardize your systems, improves processes and reduces work.
Excel Import & Export
All data can be imported using Excel spreadsheets. Export information to Excel, PDF or Word.
Prevent Fraud
Extensive reconciliation reports, audit trails and comparitive analysis helps prevent payroll fraud.
Payroll Reconciliation Tools
Variety of reports & tools to verify accuracy of payroll. Compare payroll numbers from previous to this month.
Access from Anywhere Anytime
Multi-location, multi-company organizations can benefit from centralized payroll processing at one location.
Strong Security
FMS is highly secure and offers SSL, role-based access rights and password policies.
Download Data Anytime
Your data is entirely your property. You can download all your data anytime you want - daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

FMS Customers
"We've found that FMS is the best solution for us. It gives us the ability and time to analyse the data rather than just process it. It doesn't over complicate or over engineer things. It just does what it does very well."
Mr. Paramvir Singh, Paramvir Associates.